Courtney Freeman

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Photo taken by: Violet Short Photography

Courtnaaaaaaay here.
Bringing you an entire site of my favorite fashion, finds, how-tos, and travel. I am from the picture perfect sands of Siesta Key, FL moved around to the beautiful hills of Carolina & now reside outside of the windy city in Indiana, for now. I have a passion for all beautiful things, and a gypsy soul that never stops moving, I want to see the entire world & never want to stop traveling & creating. My camera does most my talking for me through the little moments it captures. I own two business', the first is my photography page, I travel and take pictures of people wanting to show me their love, family, style & fashion. I also own a Boutique which has been a huge exciting challenge for me, Its called MERAKI & CO, It holds lots of creations, Handmade, and things/brands I love, Check it out! I love adventures, So join me and watch where I go from here, BRING ON THE ADVENTURES.

xx, Courtnay

Instagram: @Thatgirlcourtnay

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