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Never give up on yourself buttercup.

I struggle so hard with always feeling like I am NOT good enough, or comparing to everyone else around me, making my choices or ideas not seem like they are as good as others... Does anyone else seem to do that? Lately, I have been overcoming this challenge andddddd- man... is it a rough one to get over. -- I had to force myself to start blogging, I finally realized I should do it for me, or maybe one day my kids ( if their is still computers, or if blogging is still a thing..) they might want to know what their "mommy" was thinking or what my days were like; So even, if I have 5 reads, one day it will be worth the read to someone. With that being said, I literally write these posts and sometimes sit back and think, is this even worth doing, then I remember how a few weeks ago I couldn't even think about doing this, How I, myself overcame this fear of letting people talk about me, letting people get into my life. I STARTED. I made a blog and am writing. Trust me, I already have days where I'm like mine isn't good enough, but then again who's blog is perfect. -- Yesterday, I was snowed in at my house... and I was sitting and thinking about if I should keep going, and then I saw the UPS man come and drop something off at my door... I assumed it was something that I ordered because I'm a shopaholic, but I open the door and it was a huge box from Free people. ( HOLD THAT NOTE.. LET ME JUMP BACK TO A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, ill come back to this in a min.)

A year and a half ago... I was getting my hair done, and Free people had a contest and It was for blogging and Polaroid. It was wear they pick 30 women who inspire other women, and fly them up to New York and throw this event for them, and they all mingle and get an opportunity to make friends and connections, and I entered a picture.. and I won. I actually one two times, another girl entered my work and she won! So they flew me up their and I got to collab with all these amazing girls, One of them is now a fashion Icon for me, www.bytezza.com Her name is Tezza and she is a BADASS blogger. @tezzamb Check out her insta. But, we became friends and she inspired me along with all these other Icons for Free people.. I came back home and decided to open a Store, which is now.. Meraki, www.merakicollectivesanco.com -- I kept saying I wasn't cool enough to blog, even though I just won this amazing event.. so I put it on the back burner, but NOW a year and a half later I am jumping into it, Ill attach the FPME x POLAROID ME CREATIVITY SUMMIT BELOW-- but, jumping back to the paragraph above...


I was sitting at home yesterday, and I'm only 3 to 4 posts in, and I get a box from my girls at free people.. Saying, They were glad I finally got "spark back, and to keep up the good work". I literally started crying because not even 30 mins before I was thinking it was pointless... But- Who knew all along people aka Free People, were looking, and believing in me. So now, that gives me even more motivation to keep going and try.

Long story short. I believe in you, I think if your reading this.. you are a badass human being that might need a little push.. so Do it. ( I feel like Shila Leboeuf, "JUST DO IT" ) Don't think you aren't cool enough to share your story, you totally are worth it. Even if not a lot of people see it, I'll read it! Leave a link below, I'll join your squad :)

Here are the fun pictures of my FPME x POLAROID Below.

-- Here is a badass girl, that motivates me everyday. #bigfanoftezza



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