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Raised on Waves.

All I dream about lately is waves, sand & sunshine soaking into my skin while i'm laying on the beach enjoying a strawberry margarita with my toes in the sand. Can't you just paint that picture in your head? A few weeks ago I took a get-away trip back to my hometown, Sarasota Florida, with my friend @Tiarinkerthompson, she is a blogger ( Go Follow her: www.tiarinkerthompson.com ) She spoiled me, and took me on her families jet all the way down to Sarasota, and we both got to play in sand and I got to show her where I grew up. We went to Le Macaroon, we went to the Circle in Sarasota, and out to a few of my friends stores, and restaurants. We took tons of photos, we only got to see sarasota which I wish we could explore more south around Boca Grande ( the real area I grew up in, but hopefully next time. ) But her and I had a lot of fun, it really made me miss home. She totally encouraged me to start up a blog and actually commit and do it. So here I am, Thanks to her. Sharing my, OH SO EXCITING LIFE. Ha.

So, Here are a few of the pictures we took while playing in florida, Enjoy them & Feel free to repost them or Share them, ill post our fashion photos we took too!

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