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Repeat with me: "You are the type of flower that can still grow after a forest fire."

I can't believe how much feed back I got from you guys on my last post. It's amazing when people reach out to me and tell me, "YES, they totally get this and feel this way all the time." All of us girls have to stick together and let each other know that we are totally worth while.

Today, I feel I should be addressing the "social media hoax" or in other words, How every blogger has the "perfect life" or at least it looks like it. I want all of you to know, um.. Sorry but it's a photograph for a reason... A photograph lasts longer than reality. I'm telling you this because, you have to believe me when I get these messages saying how I am perfect, or my life looks so perfect... Oh gosh, it looks pretty good because I love staging picture perfect situations... I get a satisfaction from it. I mean don't you? Plus my life is photos. While I was in florida, I went out with one of my old girlfriends, we've been best friends since like 4th grade, she was always the cool girl, Her name is Crystal, and yes, she is a Gem. Anyways, she brought some friends with her, and I was taking pictures of the area I was in and was picking up things out of my bag, and literally dropping it from like a foot in the air, to make it looked placed right. Yes, I do that. It might be a little bit of OCD, or ADHD... Totally not sure, but she looked at me and was like, "Courtney, what in the world are you doing?," I said, "Trying to get the angle right so it looks perfectly in place." -- Life is messy, it will always be messy, but each of us have our own MESS, or own life. -- If you are sitting their thinking their is NO way you could ever blog, or tell your story because your life isn't that exciting,



Pictures, and Blogging just take time, and consistency and courage. People won't always want to read what you write, but thats ok.. You have to remember who you are doing it for, and thats YOU. Sometimes you get lucky and you find out that you are reaching other women in the world and they read your stuff or see your life in pictures and end up commenting in a billion heart emojis, or letters or even let you know how much you are helping them, and gosh does that feel amazing.

So, yeah- I'm glad I addressed that. For some reason lately I feel like woman need to hear, and be encouraged, ( maybe its the snow outside thats making me feel this way ) Could I ask you guys a question? What kind of stuff do you want to hear from me, or see.. Like what topics could I address, Let me know! I totally will address them, Send me a DM or message below! I want interaction in my girls who read this. #penpalgang

Yesterday, I played dress up at my store with my Co-worker Madi, she's the cutest, I've been teaching her how to use a camera, I call her my little sister. She totally reminds me of me, when I was her age. But, we were playing dress up in my clothes I sell at my store, #merakicollective (@meraki.collective.co) We got this new dress in, and we sold in in less than 36 Hours, * DONT WORRY, WE RE-ORDERED IT IN A DIFFERENT COLOR TODAY, IF YOU WANT IT * But, Let me show you how pretty it was! I also paired it with my New jacket my beautiful Mama got me for Christmas, These jackets are handmade by the brand @mumshandmade, check their stuff out on their instagram and website, its amazing. www.mumshandmade.com

I hope you enjoyed my little encouragement note today!

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