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she ran down, she ran down, to the house.

I started this whole blogging completely wrong. I thought I had to have all of these perfect pictures, and make everything look amazing, but now that I sit here thinking, why do I do this if I literally don't enjoy doing this? I realized I want to show you real, my real life. The things I do, from my day to day life, the things I see with my eye and capture on my camera. The weird things I think about, and the way I spend my life, MY LIFE. My Incredibly messy but only mine, LIFE.


With that being said.

Celebrations at my Aunt Michelle's House. I have an Aunt, that is so incredibly talented, she can't see it. But, let me tell you -- The things, she can do and create, the things she invisions, on a day to day basis is insane. Take a peak into my Freeman Side.

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