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Snow Snow, Go away. Please bring on those Summer Days.

|| This. Snow. Is. Killing. Me. ||

I don't know about you, but this Florida girl (aka. me) thats living in the "Corn Capital of the world" (aka. Indiana) well... Lets just say there isn't enough snow to make it pretty and its too cold for anything to be alive outside andddddd the view isn't the prettiest. So, Today I sit. I sit, in my big oversized Lazy boy chair, with a huge downfilled blanket on me and my two puppies side by side & just popped on my apple TV to catch up on the LAST episode of ABC's @Thisisus, & Oh boy... Grab the tissues. I've decided to start blogging, I'm telling you. I'm not the best writer, I am FORSURE going to capitalize things when its "grammatically correct" and I have a tendency to put commas everywhere, like it doesn't, even, make, sense. ( See what I did there ) I'm going to write about things you want to know, I'll have an over powering collection of photos because that is how I usually talk, is through my camera. I can share what I love, what inspires me, what I find helpful. I can show you what my style is like and How I am learning to be a "Step Mom" or Step-Mom-girlfriend" since I have a little one in my life that I spend half-of-his life and mine with, I can tell you about the troubles of it and the best things about it. I can also tell you about how my life might look perfect sometimes but how its totally not. Long story short, I'm going to give this a go. It's funny because I've procrastinated long enough about this, trying to make up excuses why I can't, and how I don't know what to write about.. then I realized if Im doing this for other people then I have NO REASON to be doing this at all. I want to do this for me, I mean- When I have down time, why wouldn't I want tell you and show you pretty pictures I have saved, and what I've saved on my pinterest board and all of the DIYs Ive found on pinterest that Ive been trying that have literally ended up in a mess. So this Blog/ page/ my little slice of the big web... whatever you want to call it, here it is. With that being said,

Today is Monday, and its the First Monday of February... Do you know that today is a holiday? It's called, "Put on your oversized sweat pants & grab your phone charger put it close to you, make yourself a milkshake w/whip & watch "Sex and the City" with me."

Are their any subjects that you have for me to write about, any pictures your wanting to see, Do you want to see inside my closet, or my car? ( Oh gosh, My car is so scary) But, tell me what you want from me & Lets see if I can do it.

| Pink Sweater: @Target | @DavidYurman | @alexandani Necklace | @apple | Jeans: @oneteaspoon |

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