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Whats in my Makeup bag

Oh, makeup. Who doesn't love makeup. I'm always trying to find new makeup that works with my skin. I put together my key pieces that I always have with my in my purse.

1. It's ByeBye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer.

+ This stuff works, I feel like I have huge bags underneath by eyes, I always look tired especially if I don't go tanning or out in the sunshine. This stuff, is amazing it covers up anything and everything. This is a must, I'm telling you, your face looks photoshopped with you wear this.

2. Mac N.15 Studio Fix Power Plus Foundation.

+ I've been wearing this stuff since I was 16 years old. This power is great for oily and dry skin. Its the perfect powder to use to contour too, I use is mostly on my lower face, my cheeks and jawline, This power creates a blur effect so your skin looks smooth.

3. Prep and Prime Mac Fix+ Spray.

+ I spray this stuff continuously, right after I put my powder on I spray, before I move on with my eyes, I even keep one of these in my purse everywhere I go. I love the Dewey look on my face, I feel like it makes me look younger.

4. Bobby Brown's Shimmer Brick.

+ I seriously am obsessed with Bobby Browns Shimmer Bricks, They are so amazing how they are all set up as in the ombre for you face, It creates a beautiful but subtle contour and has the prettiest little specks of shimmer throughout it. Whats great with these bricks is that you can also use them for eye shadow.

5. Urban Decay's NAKED Illuminated Highlighter

+ This has the prettiest little sparkles throughout it. I use this on top of my contouring, right on my check-bone, I use this on the corner of my eyes too, It creates that Blake Lively Dewy look.

6. Nars Orgasm Blush.

+ Just the right amount of color, apply right on your cherry apple on your checks and BAM, the perfect pink cheeks.

7. Stilla's Liquid Glitter EyeShadows.

+ The first day these beautiful things came out, I was at the store buying them. I am so obsessed with these. Its that color your always trying to find because you were on pinterest and saw that picture of "that bride". You know, That one. It was the perfect amount in the corner of her eye that was all sparkles. Well, Meet Stillas Liquid Glitter, its my top 5 EVER products, They have so many colors and are coming out with new ones as we speak this is a DEFINITELY MUST GET PRODUCT, LIKE TODAY, Go to ULTA now honey!

8. 'Expensive Pink' by Mac Cosmetics

+ I always, always, ALWAYS have this on me. It's a weird color I know you would think its very strange to buy, but if you put this in the crease of your eye, BAM your eyes POP. Seriously, Try it.

9. Dior Addict IT-LASH

+ I don't always wear mascara, but when I do, I like my mascara to be waterproof and worth it. I think Dior has the best Mascara ever, I feel like that is their signature product. Who doesn't love big Lashes?

10. Benefits Give my Brow, Light & Medium

+ Just Enough. I feel like some girls overdue their Brows, with a lot of dark powders. This is easy to put on, it's wet and drys, and makes your eyebrows not look drawn on.

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